Empowering Motivation for Success in Business and Life

Funstyle Studios™ is a game developer and publisher focused on helping people get healthier, smarter, and more productive through the use of behavioral psychology found in entertainment games. We create compelling, results-oriented engagement solutions for businesses and brands that are part mobile game, part business process, part lifestyle app, but all FunStyles™.

We can help you enhance people’s lives.

  • Improve personal performance and business productivity
  • Enhance employee and patient wellness
  • Increase brand loyalty, community, and revenue
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Next Gen Engagement Solutions

Our games LIFT business results, lifestyles, and workstyles by bringing together the best principles of game engagement psychology, along with proprietary optimization technology, to enable a new breed of social-powered mobile applications.

Our unique behavioral enhancement methodology provides a comprehensive solution that delivers customer engagement, retention, loyalty, personal productivity, and health and wellness solutions for the next generation of mobile enterprise and commerce.

With Funstyle Studios, clients can:

  • Empower employees to be smarter and more productive
  • Cultivate wellness lifestyles and healthy outcomes
  • Decrease healthcare costs
  • Acquire, convert, retain, advocate
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Gamification of Life and Business

The emerging “Gamification of Life” is transforming business through the personal empowerment of its employees, customers, and communities.

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